Astrology How to Live #1: Astrology, the Perfect Philosophy

Beyond making predictions and reading character, psychology and behavior Astrology embodies a perfect philosophy based on the divine archetypes of the planets, signs and Nakshatras (stars). Understanding these archetypes along with the way that these things interact provides guidelines one how to live a healthy, productive and successful life. No matter the problems you may be having, the solution is always in knowing How to Live, and it is Astrology that reveals How to Live the most wisely. Ninety percent of clients would not be in need of a reading if they just knew a few principles of right living, principles that are indicated through astrology. In this series of How to Live videos Ernst Wilhelm will be talking about the astrological secrets of right living, which when followed, will create a better life than any astrological prediction. Look forward to videos on Astrological principles on How to Live for more success in wealth, relationships, health, etc.

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