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General Discussion / Re: Working with planets conjunct rahu
« Last post by Charleston Corey on December 01, 2016, 12:05:34 AM »
I would say that this is true, and so having Mars conjunct Rahu means that in some way one will have to work on asserting themselves more in this life, work on developing their willpower, discipline, and to fight for what is right.  If the Mars is in good dignity then the person can usually have some handle on it, but it can still be challenging. Either way they will have to deal with toxic and aggressive people or situations and there is just no escaping them dealing with anger. It will depend on the rest of the chart, what the person will have to discipline themselves on.

Also, it tends to be more troublesome before the age of 28, when Mars matures. And then when Rahu matures at 42, the person usually has developed more with the planet that it is with and so it is less troublesome...but this still depends on if it had help to begin with by its lord having strength, being with a strong planet, etc.
General Discussion / Atmakaraka planet conjunct the nodes.
« Last post by Hari_88 on August 16, 2016, 01:03:40 PM »
Say if someone has Mars conjunct rahu. Mars is their Atmakaraka. What  could  this rahu influence on the soul planet possibly signify?

I've known this person to have trouble expressing mars energy and is physically rather weak. Could this be the rahu influence on the soul planet mars?
General Discussion / Working with planets conjunct rahu
« Last post by Hari_88 on August 16, 2016, 12:41:39 PM »
Let us say, Mars is conjunct rahu but mars is in good dignity. How do we work with this mars? What those  a peson with this conjunction have to focus on or discipline himself on?

I have heard it said that rahu is why we incarnate and we have to work on those things rahu influences so the rahu influence is inevitable. Which means any planet a person has conjunct with rahu, we have no choice but to work on in this life, is that correct to say?
General Discussion / Swamsha and dignity of planets
« Last post by Ganeshwari on February 08, 2016, 05:39:21 AM »
1) In the AK course, it was mentioned that where the AK goes in the navamsha, that is what the person is here to develop. Is that by sign placement or house placement of AK or both?

2) When studying house lord placements, the text normally give both favourable and negative interpretation. Is dignity checked as per Kala software where I clicked the dignity through the vargas? I am assuming neutral to be favourable, as per the dignity through the vargas table.

General Discussion / Re: Questions on Lajjitaadi Avasthas
« Last post by Ryan Kurczak on January 19, 2016, 09:38:19 AM »
Thanks for your patience Brenda.  This would be the point in a webinar, where we would unmute and discuss it.  Sometimes the written text doesn't always allow for the immediate intricacies to come through.  Let me summarize the indications of these different avashtas as clearly as I can.  If this doesn't work, give me a call.  Let me know how it comes through.

A starved planet will be in an a natural enemies sign.
A starved planet will be conjunct by a natural enemy.
Any planet conjunct Saturn is starved.
(The enemies spoken of in starvation can be either gentle or cruel, this is why a Full Moon can starve Venus, both gentle planets.)

An agitated planet is conjunct the Sun.  Just like any planet conjunct Saturn is starved.  Any planet conjunct the Sun is agitated. (Probably the basis for combustion in general thought.)
A planet that is an natural enemy AND a cruel planet will also agitate another planet through aspect.  (Here we could have the Sun aspecting Saturn, which would not only starve the planet but also agitated it.)  This is why there is a big difference between gentle planets starving each other and cruel planets starving each other.  A gentle planet starvation is getting in the way of the other planets agenda, but not out of cruelty.  A cruel planet starvation is worse, because there is cruel agitation that comes a long with it.

Moon starves Venus -  The person takes away your lover because she is in love with with your lover.  You use your lover.  That starves your love life.
Sun starves Venus -  The person takes away your lover because she wants to dominate you and prove her superiority over you.  That starves your love life and makes you feel bad about yourself. 

They can both be in action at the same time. 
General Discussion / Re: Questions on Lajjitaadi Avasthas
« Last post by poodlegirl on January 18, 2016, 04:13:48 PM »
Hmm.  Well, I am still confused.  Pg 109 of Volume 2 says that a planet is agitated if "joined by" the Sun or "aspected" by an enemy that is cruel. 

On Pg 108 it says that starvation is caused by being conjunct or aspected by an enemy (or in an enemy sign or conjunct Saturn). 

So being aspected by an enemy is under the description for both Starvation and Agitation, except that under Agitation it states the enemy is also a cruel planet.

This is why I question what being aspected by an enemy means. 
General Discussion / Re: Questions on Lajjitaadi Avasthas
« Last post by Ryan Kurczak on January 18, 2016, 01:45:29 PM »
1)  No, for example Mercury can starve Jupiter, and it is not cruel.  A planet is agitated when it is WITH a cruel enemy.  It is starved if aspected by it.

2) The Moon can be delighted by the Sun through aspect, but then is agitated by conjunction. 

Yes, agitation occurs through conjunction, even if friends.  Since Malefics can shake up whoever they are influencing, a planet can be delighted and agitated.  Think about a teacher who has your best interest at heart, but makes you stay after school until you learn how to use commas.  You are getting delighted by having someone take an interest in your learning which is good, but you are upset, because you can't go outside and play with your friends.
General Discussion / Re: Planets in dead avasthas
« Last post by Ryan Kurczak on January 18, 2016, 01:41:03 PM »
It can bear fruits if its in a different avastha in another varga, and it can if it has delight of other planets to assist it.

But yes, bad dignity planet in bad avashta, generally causes that karma to be either too young to cause problems or too old.

They will be a foundational experience throughout life, but will be more readily felt (or lack thereof) during the dasha.
General Discussion / Re: Interpolated True Node?
« Last post by Ryan Kurczak on January 18, 2016, 01:39:18 PM »
I do use the interpolated, but sometimes I use true node.  I'm not 100% sold on either yet.  But interpolated at present.
General Discussion / Questions on Lajjitaadi Avasthas
« Last post by poodlegirl on January 12, 2016, 02:05:52 PM »
Ryan, I have been studying the Lajjitaadi Avasthas course and need a few clarifications.

1.  Under Starved Avashta, one of the conditions is a planet being aspected by an enemy.  Would it be correct to say that it has to be a non-cruel enemy, because if a planet is aspected by a cruel enemy, it is agitated, not starved?

2.  Under Delighted Avashta, a planet is delighted if conjunct a friend (excluding Saturn).  What if the friend is the Sun?  Would the planet be Delighted or Agitated?  For example, the Sun is a friend to the Moon.  If they are conjunct, is the Moon Delighted or Agitated?  Or both?  The book has entries for both Sun delighting the Moon and Sun agitating the Moon, so I'm not sure. 

The same situation comes up for Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter, as they all have the Sun as a friend. 


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