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General Discussion / Planets in dead avasthas
« Last post by Ganeshwari on January 10, 2016, 05:59:47 AM »
 What if the planet is in good dignity in the D1 but in a dead avastha, does that mean that it will never bear any fruits in this lifetime? Or it won't bear fruits during the mahadasha of that particular planet?

Then it would be better if the planet is in bad dignity and in a dead avastha, then it would not cause any harm to the native.

Do these avasthas states only get triggered/activated during the mahadasha of the planet?

General Discussion / check out this study on Aquarius
« Last post by Charleston Corey on December 01, 2015, 01:10:24 PM »
There was a study done on celebrities and it found Aquarius to be the most likely, which is totally logical since Aquarius is the sign of Celebrities, and influential people as we on this forum know.

It was baffling that no one gave those scientists the memo though; and so they wrote this whole study off. But we know how perfectly this fits and I wrote a blog that elaborates on it
Announcements and Forum Rules / On Sabbatical Until the New Year
« Last post by Ryan Kurczak on November 11, 2015, 01:26:59 PM »
Dear Fellow Tropical Vedic Astrological Enthusiasts:

I will be on "sabbatical" until the new year, finishing up projects and focusing mainly on internal work and meditation at other times.  I will be limiting my time on the internet, so continue to discuss amongst yourselves, but I will be away for a bit.  Also, if anything comes up in the forum that I need to take care of, email me.  I'll check my email once or twice a week through November and December. 

Yes, this is good.
Astrological Research Examples / Re: Fall Semester Homework class 1 overlapping planets
« Last post by sriekan on November 03, 2015, 12:38:42 AM »
I guess with Pluto hitting Pluto with my ex I was thinking of Pluto being destruction that would have had an impact on our marriage not working out.  Jupiter's close was having 2 boys with her and maybe we had some karma that was being worked out between us to complete this life.

As far as my current marriage.  My moon on her ascendant would would make us both have common interests.  Maybe my darakaaraka being the moon and my moon is in an enemy sign that she would  sort of fill me more emotionally and would help me be able to express myself easier.  My Jupiter close to her Sun maybe that was a reason that I she was one of my students at a massage school when she was seeking a big chance in her life opening up to find more meaning in her life.  Maybe my Venus hitting her SA/RA could that be a reason that I can help give her some help in stability in life.  Her SU and my MA hitting in the 12 house could mean  could mean we would work well together in running a yoga studio that the man focus is liberation and we will have a lot of expenses having to do with liberation...  Also since her SA/RA is in her 7th house makes our relationship maybe challenging at times but this is a place of growth as well.  I have MA/SA conjunct in the 12th house which keeps me working teaching hatha yoga with MA being the physical bodies as one thing with a good long term discipline.  This also keeps us both pushing and challenging each others perspectives.  My moon in 8th and her SA/RA in 7th keeps some good Tapas going through the years that we have embraced better over the long run.  Is this the sort of thing you wanted me to consider with your comment.  Thanks for your questions and comments.
Yes, Yes!  That's true.  I was curious, knowing what each planet represents as an aspect of each person, seeing them come together, how have you seen this work out (or not) in practice with this?
General Discussion / Intelligence-Sun and Mercury- Sri Yukteswar
« Last post by Charleston Corey on October 29, 2015, 01:08:02 PM »
I know a lot of people on this forum have studied with Ernst and one of the things he talks about is how Mercury is commonly thought to be the planet of Intelligence.  He asserts that the Sun is the true planet of Intelligence. 
I decided to write a little blog post about my thoughts on this and especially in the context of an awesome quote from Sri Yukteswar, and with what I have seen in chart practice myself.

Please do enjoy!
Not sure what you mean about as regards to what we we going over in class we seemed to go over a lot of direction.  Could you be more specific in what you would like me to look for.   Or what line of thinking you would like me to follow.   I thought we we're just suppose to overlap charts and see what planets where within 3 degree.

Thanks Ryan!
You can use Pluto and the outer planets.  I know many astrologers who do that very well.

I'm not as well versed in them, so only use them peripherally in this way.

So when you look at those combinations how do you see them playing out specifically in your relationship in regards to what we discussed in our last class?
Astrological Research Examples / Fall Semester Homework class 1 overlapping planets
« Last post by sriekan on October 20, 2015, 02:03:02 AM »
Hello All,

I was looking at how my ex-wife's planets overlapped my planets.  I know we normally don't look at pluto but it was almost exact we go divorced after 10 years and had 2 children and Jupiter was almost exact as well.

My current wife still married to for 20 years.  The overlaps are my moon on her ascendant (1 degree apart).  My daraakaraka is moon not sure if that has anything to do with that. Also 4 degrees away is my Venus on her Saturn which is her daraakaraka.  Almost exact degrees is my Jupiter with her Sun. Her Sun with my Mars is 1 degree as well. My Mars is 4 degrees from her moon. My Venus is within 4 degrees of her Saturn and Rahu.  My Mercury is also there but further in degrees.

We work together running and teaching at our yoga studio for the last 17 years and lives really revolve around a yogic life style and are around each other most of the time.  Healthy living and spirituality are a big part of our lives as well as .  It seems like a lot of our planets line up that blend together well for what we do.  This over lapping seems to make good sense.
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