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Dear Astrological Students and Enthusiasts:

Ryan Kurczak, Vedic Astrologer and Author

Ryan Kurczak, Vedic Astrologer and Author

Vedic astrology is a spiritual science.   It is a systematized body of knowledge dedicated to revealing the nature of our world, to understanding the complexities of human experience and to discovering the probabilities of how each of our individualized karmic conditions will express through time.  Ultimately, Vedic astrology shines light on where we have come from as a soul and what our potential life experiences might be while involved in this time-space continuum.

We have left the Kali Yuga (the dark ages) and are now ascending through the dawn of the Dwapara Yuga (the electric age). During the Kali Yuga the capacity for the majority of human consciousness to appreciate subtle sciences and deeper truth is at its lowest. This is why once we left the dark ages and entered into the electric age, which according to Sri Yukteswar began in 1699 A.D., more accurate scientific discoveries about the natural world began to flourish and thrive. 

During the dark ages, astrology too diminished in its capacity to help us understand life and how we are affected by the planets and the energies within and around us. This can be seen in the simplistic approach to astrology that lead many people to claim that astrology is an art and not a science. When our astrological tools are simple, our intuition has to carry us to right interpretation. Claiming astrology as only an art also gives permission to scoff at the years of study, detailed mathematics, calculations, and multi-layered techniques necessary to even begin to grasp the potential of astrology.

We are now beyond the dark ages.  Although traces of night still cling to the dawn and there are and will be many interested in preserving the medieval understanding of astrology, there will be still more astrologers not satisfied with the intuitive techniques that managed to survive through the Kali Yuga.  With the advent of modern astronomy and computer science (perfect examples of the ascending Dwapara Yuga), there is no excuse for not exploring a more mathematical and astronomical astrology. Even now, throughout the world, with the help of modern science, astrologers are rediscovering the replicable and scientific approaches outlined in Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra and Jaimini Upadesa Sutras

To understand astrological knowledge and realization is not an easy one, nor should it be. Consider the extent and kind of information astrology can reveal using 9 symbols, placed throughout 12 signs over a 360 degree wheel.  It should be enough to boggle your mind that an astrologer can provide even the simplest accurate information about a person’s life!  It requires hours, months and years of study to make sense of the material.  It requires the ability to test and verify techniques on countless charts.  It requires that one practice meditation and dedicates one’s life to higher understanding.  It requires patience.  For those willing to undertake the task it is often lonely, often frustrating, but richly rewarding.  

Personally, I consider the study of astrology to be a spiritual practice in itself. It has helped me understand my own life and the lives of those around me.  It has helped me assist others in appreciating their own personal situations.  But most of all, it has expanded my understanding of how consciousness works and the mechanics behind the nature of experience itself.  For that alone, I am grateful.  For that alone, I continue to study and contemplate and explore the potential of this vast science.

It is an exciting time.  We have begun to wade a few feet into the ocean of Jyotish (Vedic Astrology).   I am excited to see how it develops and what potential knowledge and insights await as the Yugas continue to ascend.

I look forward to hearing from you in the forum and supporting your study of this sacred science.


Ryan Kurczak

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