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In this involved video Ernst Wilhelm teaches the principles by which a woman can look at her horoscope and determine whether she will attract Mr. Right into her life of if she will consistently attract Mr. Wrong, and if she is attracting Mr. Wrong, what she needs to do about it. This is a precise and complete instructional video that will allow you to make interpretations on your horoscope about your man or husband.

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Are you able to love and feel love in relationships?  For women, this is the first question they need to ask.  If you feel love and loveable, it makes it easier to get into a healthy relationship. The following video addresses this issue of relationship compatibility and astrology in a very clear way.

The following reports are excellent measures of astrological relationship capacity and compatibility.

Relationship Compatibility Report – the bottom line on whether you can really have a workable relationship with this person.

Relationship Capacity Report for Women – For women only…just how ready are you for true love and a real workable relationship? Also use this report to check a potential partner’s ability to be a good partner.

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