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Beyond making predictions and reading character, psychology and behavior Astrology embodies a perfect philosophy based on the divine archetypes of the planets, signs and Nakshatras (stars). Understanding these archetypes along with the way that these things interact provides guidelines one how to live a healthy, productive and successful life. No matter the problems you may be having, the solution is always in knowing How to Live, and it is Astrology that reveals How to Live the most wisely. Ninety percent of clients would not be in need of a reading if they just knew a few principles of right living, principles that are indicated through astrology. In this series of How to Live videos Ernst Wilhelm will be talking about the astrological secrets of right living, which when followed, will create a better life than any astrological prediction. Look forward to videos on Astrological principles on How to Live for more success in wealth, relationships, health, etc.

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Devaprashna, or “consulting the gods” is the Sanskrit term used to get a reading from an astrologer. In this series of videos Ernst Wilhelm talks about just what happens during an astrology consultation, the different motivations that may cause you to get an astrology reading, and the many different things that can be done with astrology.

Mr. Wilhelm makes a wonderful point about the terms Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. He describes these gunas in a way more accurate than I’ve heard before.

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Venus is in a friend’s sign in Capricorn. Here we explore the general effects of this placement. Presented by Ryan Kurczak of Asheville Vedic Astrology.

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How can the Ayurvedic Constitution be determined from the astrological Chart?

This is track 4 from the Vedic Astrology 105 Audio Course available on the Mp3 Class Section of this site, based on the book The Art and Science of Vedic Astrology, by Richard Fish and Ryan Kurczak.

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In this involved video Ernst Wilhelm teaches the principles by which a man can look at her horoscope and determine whether he will attract Mrs. Right into his life of if he will consistently attract Mrs. Wrong, and if he is attracting Mrs. Wrong – or no one at all, what he needs to do about it. This is a precise and complete instructional video that will allow you to make interpretations on your horoscope about your woman or wife.

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What do we need to know to effectively read a horoscope?

1) We need to memorize and understand what each house and sign represents.

2) We need to memorize and understand what each planet represents.

3) We need to understand planetary dignity and how it effects the different areas of the chart.

A planet in good dignity will help the house that it is placed in.  If it is Jupiter, then the person will have good opportunities in the area represented by that house. If it is Saturn, the person will have tenacity and the ability to endure all challenges in that area of life. If the planet is in bad dignity, it will hurt the area of life represented by that house.  How will it hurt it?  That depends on the innate nature of the planet in question.  Mars will cause injury, and sudden change.  Saturn will cause delays and hardship.  Jupiter will cause us to be too optimistic.  Mercury will get us lost in the details and ruin our ability to manage that house.

If we can start with this basic knowledge we are on the right road to reading a horoscope.

The following video explores this idea of planetary dignity in detail.

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