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As you can probably tell by the title of this website, we are a little biased about this.  However, the following video explains ways for you to discover for your self if the tropical of sidereal zodiac works best with Vedic Techniques.  Overall, the recommendations seem to be to learn astrology principles well and then to create charts in both zodiacs to see which makes more sense.

Note, that we are only talking about zodiacs, not ayanamshas.  There are many different ayanamshas.  On this site, we use the Middle of Mula, Galactic Center Ayanamsha. If you use our free chart calculator, that is what you will get for the dashas.

I mention this, because I’ve had people tell me they thought one zodiac worked better based on dasha sequences. In Tropical Vedic Astrology, the nakshatras ARE sidereal, so that doesn’t change.

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